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Decision makers consider options based on knowledge, so our first task is to provide information about the secondary market and the different actors.

FIE works proactively to share knowledge, solicit market feedback and explain our positioning. Our participation in EU processes was done through joining consultative meetings, filling out questionnaires, provide input/feedback on working documents, creation of positioning papers and providing information to the JRC, EU Policy Officers, MEP’s and DG’s.

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Participation in EU Legislative Working Groups:

Info Ecodesign: EU law sets requirements for new equipment for selected product groups. It started with energy consumption restrictions, no will involve elements to stimulate independent repair, resale and other Circular elements.

The requirements are being setup through a series of studies, consultations, drafts and reviews. Voting is done by country reps; we have approached over 230 national contacts for Ecodesign Servers & Storage for example.


EU Ecodesign ENTR Lot 9 Server & Ftorage, first results:

  1. Success: Availability of Firmware is included, as of 2021.
  2. More information to be shared by manufacturer
  3. Secure data erasure to be embedded/online available for each product

Ecodesign Lot 3 (mobile) Fomputers:

  1. Started first, then paused to follow Servers & Storage. Will re-start soon.
  2. No usage of fixes like glue that prevent easy dismantling/repair

EU Free Flow of Data:

  1. Sharing of data, produced by a product/system is essential for growth and innovation of independent operators. Owners should have access to this so called machine produced data: like error logs and diagnostics.


Support for the review for the WEEE Directive and the new part that is aimed at the treatment of WEEE so product can be reused


Participate in JTC10

A new overall standard for electronic/electric products. Including many aspects including repair/maintenance, upgradability, reuse, refurbishment, remanufacturing


Participate in an EU research “Scoring system on Reparability”

  1. Our input mainly concerned parameters regarding firmware availability and full access to diagnostics, as other elements were well covered already.

7. Participate with the GGP DataCenter Equipment: Public Procurement for DC products and services.

  1. Accomplished for now: disposal third parties / non OEM businesses will be listed as possibly the best alternative (this can always change in a next version, though a win for now)
  2. We promoted to include HW TPM as a standard element; changing after the initial warranty (3 or 4 years in this case).
  3. We promoted Used software (or selling when moving to cloud solution)
  4. We promoted Third Party Software maintenance
  5. We promoted upgrades, will be a challenge to get this included in this policy though.

Contribute for the Adelphi EU - India report and advice about eWaste.


As stakeholder we provided input for the EU Circular Economy Roadmap.

Important for products outside the Ecodesign scope (Networking for example).


Registered as stakeholder for the new EU Services Directive


Member of the ICT Multi Stakeholder Platform - Advisory group (55 persons/reps) directly to the EU Commission about ICT Standardisation.


Economic Impact Assessment Report - Deloitte / MicroEconomix. This report provides information about the ICT Aftermarket, economic figures and competitive positioning.


One of the MEP’s we are in contact with, Pascal Durand, is the driver behind the EP resolution; longer life time for products (July, 2017) and the committee that directed to an open and fair repair and aftermarket (May 2018).


Increased our network with other organisations that are active in Brussels, or on national level.


Increased our relationship with end-user organisations.


We are speaking regularly at conferences, both towards audience of companies that we represent as well as end-users.

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