Opportunity to influence new rules for Servers & Storage

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April 18, 2023
Jan Hoogstrate
Opportunity to influence new rules for Servers & Storage

The EcoDesign group Lot 9: Servers and Storage, of which the availability of firmware has been Free ICT Europe’s  1st biggest contribution to the regulations, is under review!

This review, gives FIE, and YOU, the opportunity to influence any changes to be made in future text of the regulation which can and will benefit our market. The project will take 2 to 3 years to complete and shall be part of EU laws.

Your support is essential and important to be part of the decision making to further grow and strengthen the market. The EU commission has asked specifically for the participation of the stakeholders of the Secondary market; your direct input is requested!

The European Commission requests the following for now:


1.      PLEASE respond to EU Commission’s questionnaire!

a.      We have pre-filled all the answers (questions chapter 8 and 14), Download here

b.      All you have to do (you can add/edit of course):share this form with serversreview@icf.com

c.      Deadline : 28th of April 2023.


2.      Participation requested by EU from the secondarymarket

a.      The EU policy officer specifically asked refurbishers and TPMs to join

b.      As stakeholder you will receive the (draft)documentation with changes and join in some (online) meetings

c.      Free ICT would really welcome your support to make us more visible strengthening our position during advisory talks.

d.      Registration: Link

e.      During the process a public consultation will take place, open to all to join


In Addition:

Last week, we sent out a communication to back our request to have Networking Equipment & Software also as a new Eco-design(ESPR) group. Your response is crucial to improve the market for refurb trade and maintenance of these systems! (Deadline May 12, 2023)

Everything is prepared for you to respond with an investment of a few minutes, see our News page.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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