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November 23, 2020
FREE ICT Webinars

ICT Trends at EU Level- What to do in 2020-2024

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November 26, 2020 - What does it take to influence legislation

An experienced panel that knows what it involves to get foothold in the arena of Brussel’s political labyrinth and to influence legislation and regulations set by the EC, effecting our businesses, hosted by Tomas O’Leary President FIE, with Mr. Dan Shefet, Sergio Fernandes, Jan Hoogstrate

Our Speaker Panel :

Dan Shefet - Born in Denmark, Dan Shefet is a Paris-based lawyer specializing in European and human rights law, and information technology law in particular. Mr. Shefet is an individual specialist to Unesco and author of the “Policy options and regulatory mechanisms for managing radicalization on the Internet” report for Unesco.

Sergio Fernandes - With almost a decade of experience in public affairs in Brussels (mainly focusing on Energy, Environment, Digital, Transport and Sport), Sergio helps  companies  / federations/associations and SMEs understand and position themselves in the EU legislative debate.

Jan Hoogstrate - Jan has worked for large businesses and SME’s. As advisor and analyst he was involved in M&A projects, business development and creating strategic change. For Free ICT Europe he takes the lead in participation of EU projects, key contact for alliance partners and responsible for daily operations.

As an official representative of the ICT Aftermarket (Secondary market),it is our responsibility to connect and inform those organizations on behalf ofwhich we lobby in Brussels.

Hence, wewant to inform you directly about the ongoing projects and activities that areimportant in order for FIE to influence regulations and legislation set by theEC in the area of our businesses.

Lookingforward connecting with you.

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