No Power Without Data. One Of The Most Important Surveys For The Future Of Your Business

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August 29, 2018
No Power Without Data. One Of The Most Important Surveys For The Future Of Your Business

The Free ICT Europe Foundation is lobbying the European Commission and the European Parliament. An expert assessment of the market and its current issues is necessary to inform the view of policymakers in Brussels.

Deloitte Economic Advisory has been asked to accompany Free ICT Europe in providing a plan and a report for an economic assessment of the impact of the identified OEM practices. Receiving data and information from the market is essential for this.

In this regard, a questionnaire concerning the ICT aftermarket has been set up. Your responses to the questionnaire are key to perform the study and to present convincing arguments on the value and importance of the secondary IT market in Europe.

When you are active in this market and did not receive an invitation and the link to this questionnaire, please reach out to us at

The scope and quality of the final report depends to a large extent on inputs and data provided. As public data on the importance of the secondary IT market in Europe is not available, your input is key!

Deloitte Economic Advisory will be responsible for collecting and analyzing the data for the purpose of preparing a report on the secondary Free ICT market. Data will not be disclosed neither to Free ICT Europe, nor any Free ICT member or third party. It will be collected solely for the purpose of writing the report. Data will only be presented at an aggregated level and deleted afterwards.

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