Round Table Barriers for Maintenance, Brussels – September 22

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August 20, 2015
Round Table Barriers for Maintenance, Brussels – September 22

Free ICT Europe invite you to participate in an industry round table with Daniel Dalton, MEP  in the morning of 22 September 2015 at Hume Brophy, Rue de la Science 41, Brussels 1040, Belgium

Removing Barriers to Third Party Support and Maintenance


Users of ICT systems find themselves in an unenviable position of having invested significantly in ICT systems and software but lacking the full ownership rights that should accompany that ownership.

Restrictive practices, such as the use of intellectual property rights by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to limit choices and the deliberately complicated software contract/licensing rules set by software publishers, limits the freedom of businesses and consumers alike to choose their providers of product, and of support and maintenance services, resulting in higher costs for European businesses.

In order to address current barriers, and facilitate a strong secondary market for ICT, it is crucial that legislators are made aware of the restrictive practices that are inhibiting the development of an open and sustainable secondary market. These practices range from fees for secondary market products sourced through OEM channels, to retrospective licensing of firmware, all of which, are equally damaging in impact.

It is of the utmost urgency that stakeholders join together to promote common standards for the reuse and resale of equipment and software as the repercussions of allowing the status quo to continue unchallenged, are likely to prove detrimental for European businesses and the European economy as a whole.

Free ICT Europe believes in a competitive secondary ICT market that supports European businesses and increases competitiveness. As drivers of ICT efficiency, independent outsource companies have a lot to gain from ensuring that there is a vibrant and successful secondary market for ICT products and services.


Free ICT Europe are bringing together stakeholders for an industry round table discussion with Daniel Dalton MEP from the Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee (IMCO) of the European Parliament to facilitate an exchange of views and raise industry concerns directly.

As a leading participant in this industry we would like to extend to you the opportunity to participate in this industry roundtable and communicate your concerns directly with our guest, Daniel Dalton MEP.

Who should attend

This invite-only event is of particular interest to outsourcers, providers of third party support and maintenance services, and professions in the IT sector who are interested in open, competitive, markets to support growth in our industry.

The event shall be held at the offices of Hume Brophy, located in the heart of Brussels at 41 Rue de la Science, Bruxelles 1040, Belgium.

To confirm your participation please email:

MEP –Daniel Dalton: Daniel Dalton is a UK MEP from the European Conservatives and Reformists Group.

A first time MEP he has established himself as a hard working and proactive member of the Internal Market with a particular interest in the ICT and information sectors.


  • 08:15 – Welcome and breakfast
  • 08:30 – The Case for an ICT Secondary Market
    Free ICT Europe will explain why European companies stand to benefit from the support and development of a truly competitive secondary market for ICT support and maintenance.
  • 08:50 – Parliament Perspective. Daniel Dalton MEP
    Daniel Dalton MEP will provide participants with his perspective as an MEP and member of the Internal Market Committee of the European Parliament, how politicians can support this campaign.
  • 09:15 – Roundtable Discussion
    Participants will have an opportunity to raise points of concern and discuss possible ways forward to support a competitive secondary market.
  • 09:45 – 11:00 – Open Industry Forum
    Participants will have an opportunity to discuss the specifics of their concerns and raise solutions to be considered by Free ICT Europe.

All participants will receive a summary report on the topics of discussion and issues raised at the roundtable.

To confirm your participation please email:

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